TR 01, U+(U plus) - tengal6 - ru^bikkukyu^bu(U+ ruvic ''Fxxxx'n'' QB remix), Posted by takahiro_s
TR 02, kanji - Kanji Kinetic - Zombies, Posted by djten
TR 03, YokoOno - Yoko Ono with Elephant's Memory -?Josei joi Banzai (Cheers To Women..., Posted by yokoono
TR 04, SEVEN (The Rhythm Rights) - secret base ~kungakuretamono~ (DJ SEVEN Undecayed Mix) -..., Posted by SEVEtter
TR 05, end's not near - yotsucchimattatsuideni, Posted by takahiro_s
TR 06, acidburp - Ramming Speed Ban Hammer, Posted by warp50cd
TR 07, OUTLIER RECORDINGS - Zack Christ- Koofpoin Low (oddlogic remix), Posted by nucompressure
TR 08, end's not near - warupurugisunoyoru, Posted by takahiro_s
TR 09, Metametic - Karmin Cover of Look at me Now [Metametic RMX] [remastered], Posted by othermoon
TR 10, BMFProduction - Afghan & BMF - untitled dub, Posted by othermoon
TR 11, Stazma The Junglechrist - DJ Skull Vomit - Anamalech (Stazma Evil Break Remix), Posted by nucompressure
TR 12, Ralf Hubb - Gingers Do Have Souls (ogg), Stupid Remix By Ralf Hubb, Posted by othermoon
TR 13, Flex Blur - kanROY - innercity blues (Flex Blur Remodel), Posted by FlexBlur
TR 14, nakinyko - Casbah Circulation [The Clash x Bakemonogatari], Posted by junkMA
TR 15, onedaydiary - Urban Suburban - 07 YES, Posted by takahiro_s
TR 16, you-hardcore - AHEGAO HARDCORE(ahee Long Edit), Posted by hentai_god
TR 17, hentai_god - Game Brain (The UKHc-Mix), Posted by hentai_god
TR 18, Levitium - Levitium - Aburridos (Original mix) / Unsigned, Posted by MinkyMina
TR 19, Shako-Pani - untitled, Posted by Shako_Pani
TR 20, totsumal - invaded into my brain. (totsumal's Jungle Remix)/.1110.lambda, Posted by totsumal
TR 21, Nonlogik - TraumaTizer - Rather Odd Facial Expressions, Posted by hazcauch
TR 22, Yossy16 - Seasons(Extended Electro Mix), Posted by SEVEtter
TR 23, DATO (Official) - Satin Jackets - Brand New Day (DATO Rework) (Preview), Posted by MinkyMina
TR 24, YokoOno - Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear..., Posted by yokoono
TR 25, Esquire - Sampling Masterclass (Blink 182 Sampled Bassline), Posted by biohannya

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